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The HEADSTONE UNVEILING was held at 11.00am on March 14th 2010 at the Heywood Cemetery. This represented the culmination of hard work over the past years to raise the funds to erect this headstone. This will help acknowledge the significance of the first Price settlers in Australia.




Descendants of Richard & Jane Price & their daughter
Mary Elizabeth, attended the unveiling of a new Headstone to mark their gravesite at the Heywood/Drumborg Cemetery on Sunday 14th March 2010.


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Brenda & Rodger Dunn Phone:          03 55784235
Lynne & Kevin Price      Phone:          03 55725089

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Descendants of Richard and Jane gathered around the plaque at the Portland Immigration Wall


A successful reunion of the Price family was held on the 7th February 2009 at Portland, Victoria, Australia. At the Pioneer Immigration wall two senior family members - Mervyn Price (descendant of Riachard and Hannah) and Colin Price (descendant of William and Caroline) unveiled the plaque to commorate Jane and Richard's arrival in Australia in 1855. The plaque is located on the Pioneer Immigration wall that overlooks Portland bay where Richard and Jane would have originally disembarked for their first experience in Australia.

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Lynne and Kevin Price 03 55725089

Brenda and Roger Dunn 03 55784235

Peter Price 0412 530 420

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Price 1st Reunion Flyer 7 Feb 2009


Family Pages:

The family information shown on the pages below is based on information that I have obtained through research or been provided by other family members. If you feel that it is incorrect in any way I would appreciate you letting me know. Amendments, more information or photographs are gladly accepted. You can reach me on e-mail.



Richard and Jane

Richard and Jane's children - 1st Australian Generation

William Price and Caroline Condon - 2nd Australian Generation

Samuel Price and Helen Lawton - 3rd Australian Generation

William Price and Eva Anne Richardson - 3rd Australian Generation

Joseph Richard Price and Margaret Templar - 3rd Australian Generation

Emma Price and Henry Horne - 3rd Australian Generation

Jane Caroline Price and Henry Edwards - 3rd Australian Generation

John Henry Price and Euphemia Isabel Gillies - 3rd Australian Generation

James Hugh Price and Gladys Lilian Templar- 3rd Australian Generation

Francis Albert Price and Elsie May Hamond- 3rd Australian Generation

George Price and Hannah Buckle - 2nd Australian Generation

Frederick William Price and Mary Ann Louisa Troeth- 3rd Australian Generation

Hannah Price and Duncan McIntyre - 2nd Australian Generation

Sarah Price and John Meade - 2nd Australian Generation

Emma Price and William Ayling - 2nd Australian Generation

Richard Price and Hannah Malt - 2nd Australian Generation

James Price and Mary Greaves - 2nd Australian Generation

Charles Price and Sarah Ellis - 2nd Australian Generation

Hugh Price and Caroline Mullins - 2nd Australian Generation

Mary Elizabeth Price and Thomas Alexander Weaven - 2nd Australian Generation

Henry John Price and Anne Dunne - 2nd Australian Generation

Frederick Agustus Price and Sarah Ann Condon - 2nd Australian Generation


Genealogy Links:

Ballarat Genealogy Web Page

Hamilton History Centre Inc.

Portland History House


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Kitchen canisters from JR Price's home and bakery in Branxholme as shown on the ABC TV show COLLECTORS.


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